Monday, 29 April 2013

#68 outingWithAufa!theBestMomentEver

cuti seminggu sempena midterm break.
peluang berjalan2 dengan anak sedara..huhu..
sebenarnye tunggu kakak aq habis pantang..

motif keluar jalan2 ni ialah..

membeli baju aufa sempena hari konvo aku..
haha...aku yang konvo,mak ayah aufa yang excited nak belikan baju baru
anak... :)
untung aufa...wuu..

this is her mother..

very naughty one..
but i told u..she's tough mum.
i'm proud of her...
got incredible strength..
put her life in danger..
only to make her daughter get life..


each mom in the world is so amazing!

so do I... one fine day ...soon...huhuhuhu..

then..we stop at tuttiFruity 2 get some sweet taste..
i took vanilla +chocolate + horlick flavor..
seriously..i dont know how to handle that machine..
with a bit confident..
i stared at the instruction...kah3...
agak malu di situ..

but u know..1 try is important for next success!

ok ...enough with this...
we proceed with some other topic..


nak share 1 gambar ni..

comel kan?
teka dia tengok sape...
she's looking and smiling at her mom of cos...^^
so in love..

i am so in love with your daughter my sist^__^

                             both of this mum much slimmer than me...grrrrh:')

last but not really last..
     cant wait for election..


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